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In the garden of Good and EVIL | Jubilee performance of the 50-year old Ballet Pécs
ballet in 2 parts

Jubilee performance of the 50-year old Ballet Pécs Premiére: 19 November 2010, 19.00 p.m.

Composer: Richárd Riederauer
Stage and costume designer: Zsuzsa Molnár
The Choreographer's Assistant: Sarah Storer

Choreographer: Cameron McMillan

Featured recording musicians:
Ágnes Herczku - vocals, Edina Squirrel Szirtes - violin, András Sturcz András - cello

Funded by the Pécs2010-ECC program and the National Cultural Fund

The closing event of the festive year shall be a truly exciting brand new grand stage ballet created by Cameron McMillan especially for Ballet Pécs. Cameron McMillan's In the Garden of Good and Evil deals with the theme of The Seven Deadly Sins as present in today's society.

"As a point of departure for a large-scale dance work, the concept of The Seven Deadly Sins has interested me for quite some time. With its modern roots dating back as early as the 4th century, and most commonly associated with the Catholic Church, the sins and their teaching, have played a recognisable part in the social policy of western society for centuries. They have long been a source of creative inspiration for writers and artists, and works of art.
Its historical context secures it's understanding as an idea to many, whilst its universal themes of temptation and vice make it highly appropriate and attractive for contemporary re-interpretation.
Dance is a powerful medium, which can communicate the subtleties of the human condition. I want to use the individual essence of each of the seven vices to communicate a telling depiction of how these traditionally moralistic views can be present in today's society, and interpret them in a relevant way to today's audience.
On the whole they will portray a view of life that is both recognizable and confronting.
I don't intend to preach to the audience about sin and virtue. What I do want to do is use the essence of this universal truth to paint a picture through the emotional and moral landscape we live in, ask questions about the lives we lead and to ultimately connect with the audience on an emotional level in a way that only dance can. I want the work to be 'a liberation'."
(Cameron McMillan)
(Photo: Yuval Henn)

Cameron McMillan

Recently described as 'one of the most compelling and intelligent dancers on the world stage' by the Observer UK.

New Zealand born Cameron McMillan was trained at The Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating he joined The Royal New Zealand Ballet in 1997 and in the same year he was awarded 1st Prize at the Asian/Pacific International Ballet Competition, in Tokyo, Japan.  During his time at the Royal New Zealand Ballet, he quickly rose to the rank of principal dancer and performed many principal roles in both the classical and contemporary repertoire, which include Cinderella, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, James in La Sylphide, Jonathan Harker in Dracula, and creating the title role in Peter Pan. Shorter and contemporary repertoire include, Mark Morris's Drink to me only with thine eyes, George Balanchine's Allegro Brillante and Agon, and work by Jiri Kylian, Graeme Murphy, Douglas Wright, and Michael Parmenter. 

In 2001 he moved to London to join English National Ballet as a soloist, dancing featured roles in the classical repertoire, and later, because of a thirst for new and contemporary work, joined Rambert Dance Company where he was a part of creating and dancing the work of many exciting choreographers of today including, Christopher Bruce, Michael Clark, Rafael Bonachela, Wayne McGregor, Javier De Frutos, and Merce Cunningham. 

In 2007, he left Rambert Dance Company to pursue a freelance career.  Since then he has been a key member of Rafael Bonachela's project Bonachela Dance Company, dancing the award winning duets Soledad and E27SD alongside the major projects: Voices, Square Map of Q4, and The Land Of Yes, The Land Of No. Alongside his role as a dancer he is a company and freelance teacher and has assisted the restaging of Bonachela's work internationally. He has recently performed as a guest principal artist for the Royal New Zealand Ballet as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and The Bermuda Civic Ballet as Franz in Coppelia, performed with Australian Dance Theatre on their European Tour of Garry Stewart's G and has been balancing his dance career with a burgeoning choreographic career.

Always making use of choreographic opportunities in the companies he has danced for and interested in visceral resonant physicality, he has been developing his choreographic skill throughout his career. In 1999 he created his first piece 'Unsuspecting View' which was toured nationally by the Royal New Zealand Ballet in 2001. Since then, Cameron has made four works on Rambert Dance Company dancers, including, Verge, which was taken into the main stage repertoire in November 2006, with designs by celebrated fashion designer Roland Mouret, and music composed by British composer of the year nominee Elspeth Brooke. In 2007 he was again, commissioned by the Royal New Zealand Ballet, and his work Equilibrium, which received national acclaim, was subsequently toured internationally to Sydney, Australia and the Shanghai International Arts Festival in China.  In 2007, upon invitation, he took part in the Dancelines choreographic course at the Royal Opera House and showed his work 'Quartet' in the Touch Wood programme at The Place, London. His duet '…And then, you were gone' was performed at Rafael Bonachela's curate 62C (Six To See) at the Southbank Centre, London. He has recently been commissioned by Intoto Dance for which he made 'Await 14' and will premiere a new work for the 2010 Transitions Dance Company (Trinity/Laban) in February 2010. In March 2009, he was selected as a finalist and awarded 3rd Prize for his work ESO, created on The Milwaukee Ballet for the Genesis International Choreographic Competition in Milwaukee, USA.  Alongside working with a wide range dance companies, from classical to contemporary, he has also worked as a choreographer in the commercial world of music and fashion. From musician Caspa Codina, and Xenomania Records, to numerous high-end fashion editorials, which all highlight his versatility and appeal.

Ticket price:
Big Theatre 1st class2500- Ft.
Big Theatre 2nd class2100- Ft.
Big Theatre 3rd class1250- Ft.

Photos by László Körtvélyesi (2010)

In the garden of Good and Evil

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