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A Pécsi Nemzeti Színház Támogatói

Látogatók száma:


Speaking bodies - Dances from Europe
3 ballets

1st part:Partitions au Patio - Music: J.S.Bach
2nd part:Red with Me - Music: Chopin: La Sylphide
3rd part:Speaking bodies - Music: Loose, J.Funk, Voughem, J.Cage, J.S.Bach

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Dances from Europe
Szabolcs Pataki
Tünde Czebe
Korinna Spala
Csaba Csanád Valkai
Eszter Daczó
Katalin Hucker
Linda Schneiderová
Marianna Venekei
Írisz Nagy
Balázs Vincze - Director, Ballet Pécs
András Nagy
Krisztián Szalka
Gergő Czár

choreographerMyriam Naisy
lighting effects designerMyriam Naisy
costume designerPhilippe Combeau
stage designMyriam Naisy
the choreographer's assistantKorinna Spala
choreographerJorma Elo
costume designerAndrea T. Haamer
costume designerJorma Elo
designAndrea T. Haamer
designJorma Elo
ballet-masterBéla Kéri Nagy
choreographerAttila Egerházi
costume designerAngéla Kövessy
lighting effects designerGerzson Péter Kovács
costume designerAngéla Kövessy
the choreographer's assistantMarianna Venekei

Further shows:

1. Partitions au Patio

The six dances of J. S. Bach’s beautiful cello suite Nr. 2 reveal tender whispers, curved moves, plain and pure lines and secret confessions of love. Myriam Naisy’s ballets are performed all over the world with great success by different companies, opera houses and modern dance companies as well. The internationally acknowledged choreographer is well known in Hungary: the National Ballet has been dancing ’Mokka’ for many years. She has made a choreography for the Ballet of Szeged and she was the guest of the Ballet of Pécs last year. Ms Naisy’s ballets are punctual and clean with a refined technique. Her works are characterized by deep emotions and a touch of irony, gravitation and floatation, storytelling and abstract ideas.

2. Red with Me

„Thoughts I wrote down before I started working on the piece:

-Red/ a carressing, warm feeling, the velvety feeling of unconditional love that accompanies me all my life
-travelling with someone for a lifetime
-watch someone closely
-see things with somebody else’s eyes
-discover the new – without fear, with the feeling of protection
-Red/ love with me forever
-Three sisters – down-to-earth, pure, strong, constant, playful, self-revealing

The ballet comes to life through the characters of the dancers and it comes from hard work, still these are the most precious moments of our job.”

Jorma Elo, choreographer

3. Speaking bodies

„ The ballet is a sort of print of the life of dancers. ’Speaking bodies’ express themselves without words. Dancers turn their poetry into movements every evening. They live their ephemeral lives in front of our eyes: in the rehearsal room, on stage at the theatre. They practise, they love, they are happy, they sweat and cry: dance is the mirror of their emotions.
These feelings and thoughts were on my mind when I choreographed ’Speaking bodies’. The ballet is a set of colourful postcards about the life of dancers. Postcards that I would like to hand over to the audience with my friends, the artists of dance.”

Attila Egerházi, choreographer

The world premiere of the ballet was performed at the Hungarian State Opera in 1998.


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